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Update Owncloud in Synology

Upgrade Owncloud 9.0x to 9.1 in Synology NAS running DSM6

This is detailed guide for upgrading Owncloud 9.0x to Owncloud 9.1 in Synology NAS devices running DSM 6. Owncloud 9.1 ...
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Enable trusted HTTPS connection to Synology NAS websites, services and Owncloud

In this post I will go through shortly the installation of trusted 3rd party SSL/TLS certificate into your Synology NAS ...
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OwnCloud in Synology NAS

Configure Owncloud to use system CRON in Synology NAS (DSM 6 RC)

This guide will show how to configure Synology CRON to call Owncloud cron.php regularly (every 15 minutes). When it comes ...
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OwnCloud in Synology NAS

Guide for installing Owncloud 9 to Synology NAS running DSM 6

Owncloud is among the best things the open-source communities have produced. This guide will have detailed instructions for installing Owncloud ...
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Use Windows 10 bootmanager to enable Hyper-V and Other Virtual Devices in Same Computer

In order to use other Virtual Device emulators (like Genymotion) in Windows OS computers which already have Hyper-V installed, you ...
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Genymotion and Oracle Virtual box

Fix Errors With Starting Genymotion Virtual Device

This post describes in details how to fix errors starting Genymotion virtual device (Oracle Virtual Box). Genymotion is among the ...
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Change Updraftplus backups to use real CRON jobs

If you are hosting your own Wordpress installation, you should know by now how important proper backups are - and ...
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Wordpress fake cron

Change WordPress CRON jobs to real CRON jobs

Wordpress is by nature capable of triggering so called cron jobs - but we all know those aren't real cron ...
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WordPress on top of Lighttpd – beginner setup

So YOU want to host your own wordpress site? I assume that you've done your homework on the topic already, ...
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Setup VPN (L2TP/IPSEC) tunnel between Zywall USG and Windows Phone 8.1+, iPhone/iPad or Android Devices

This is complete step-by-step configuration instructions for setting up VPN connectivity (L2TP/IPSEC) between Zywall USG firewall and the client devices ...
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4G antenni

Tehokas passiivinen 4G LTE -antenni

Jos olet etsimässä hyvää passiivista 4G LTE antennia mokkulan tai reitittimen jatkeeksi, tässä on yksi hyvä kandidaatti: Poynting XPOL-a0002v2 (Cross ...
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