Monthly Archives: July 2016

Update Owncloud in Synology

Upgrade Owncloud 9.0x to 9.1 in Synology NAS running DSM6

This is detailed guide for upgrading Owncloud 9.0x to Owncloud 9.1 in Synology NAS devices running DSM 6. Owncloud 9.1 has been just recently published, and I wanted to share my procedure for updating Owncloud. This process should be fine for minor, point or major version upgrades of Owncloud also going forward, unless big changes are introduced how Owncloud is operating. …

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Fail2ban for Synology

Guide for installing Fail2ban for Synology NAS devices and configuring it for web services like Owncloud or WordPress.

This guide will have detailed instructions for enabling and configuring Fail2ban service for Synology NAS device (DSM 6) and hosted web services like Owncloud or Wordpress. Fail2ban will monitor your service logs, and block any IP addresses after too many experienced failed login attempts to your services. The setup described will re-start Fail2ban automatically after NAS re-start and even preserve active jails and re-initiate those after reboot. After enabling Fail2ban, you can feel a lot safer leaving those services of yours alone out in the wild! …

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